RootsMagic Essentials And RootsMagic 9

RootsMagic Essentials And RootsMagic 9

RootsMagic Essentials is the best and free genealogy software that helps in offering the basic features for both tracking as well as organizing family history information. And if you see on the other side then you will see that RootsMagic 9 is the more advanced as well as premium version of the respective software that has many new features as well as capabilities.

RootsMagic Essentials vs RootsMagic 7

RootsMagic is genealogy software that helps family historians track, organize, print, and share family history. It comes in two versions. RootsMagic Essentials vs RootsMagic 7. The RootsMagic 7 has advanced features and it is paid. The RootsMagic Essential has basic features and is free to use.
RootsMagic Essential vs RootsMagic 7

RootsMagic Essential and RootsMagic 7 are genealogy software programs designed to help individuals organize, manage, and explore their family history. While both programs share similar features, they cater to different needs and preferences of users. Below is a detailed comparison of RootsMagic Essential vs RootsMagic 7.

RootsMagic Essential:

RootsMagic Essential is the free version of RootsMagic, offering a basic set of features for users who are just starting their genealogy journey or have simpler needs. Despite being free, RootsMagic Essential provides powerful tools to help users build and organize their family tree effectively.
One of the key features of RootsMagic Essential is its intuitive user interface, which makes it easy for beginners to navigate and use the software without feeling overwhelmed. The program allows users to create and edit family trees with ease, adding individuals, relationships, and events effortlessly.
RootsMagic Essential also provides basic tools for organizing and documenting research findings. Users can attach photos, documents, and notes to individuals in their family tree, helping to preserve and share important family history information. Additionally, the software includes basic reporting features, allowing users to generate pedigree charts, family group sheets, and other reports to share with family members or for personal reference.
While RootsMagic Essential lacks some of the advanced features found in RootsMagic 7, it still offers robust functionality for users who are primarily interested in building and maintaining their family tree without the need for more complex tools.

RootsMagic 7:

RootsMagic 7 is the full-featured version of the RootsMagic software, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for serious genealogists and family historians. Packed with advanced features and capabilities, RootsMagic 7 provides users with the tools they need to explore and document their family history in detail.
One of the standout features of RootsMagic 7 is its extensive database capabilities. The software allows users to import and export data from a variety of sources, including other genealogy software programs, online databases, and historical records. This flexibility makes it easy for users to incorporate existing research into their family tree and collaborate with others in the genealogy community.
RootsMagic 7 also offers powerful research tools to help users uncover new information about their ancestors. The software includes built-in access to online databases such as FamilySearch and Ancestry, allowing users to search billions of records directly from within the program. Additionally, RootsMagic 7 includes advanced search and filtering options, making it easy to locate individuals, events, and sources within large family tree.


In addition to its research capabilities, RootsMagic 7 includes advanced reporting and publishing tools. Users can create custom reports, charts, and timelines to visualize their family tree and share their research with others. The software also includes tools for creating narrative family histories, allowing users to tell the story of their ancestors in a compelling and engaging way.

5 Best Genealogy Software for 2024

In 2024, the world of genealogy software continues to evolve, offering enthusiasts and researchers powerful tools to uncover and preserve family histories. As technology advances, these software options provide innovative features, user-friendly interfaces, and enhanced collaboration capabilities. Here are some of the best genealogy software choices for 2024.

1. RootsMagic:

RootsMagic is praised for its powerful yet easy-to-use interface. It allows seamless integration with online databases, making it easier to search and incorporate historical records into your family tree. The software’s emphasis on multimedia integration ensures that you can add photos, documents, and videos to enrich your family history.

2. remains a frontrunner, leveraging its vast database to help users discover their roots. With an extensive collection of historical records, DNA testing integration, and a user-friendly interface, it’s an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned genealogists. The platform’s collaborative features allow family members to contribute and build a comprehensive family tree.

3. MyHeritage:
MyHeritage stands out for its advanced technologies, including facial recognition for photo identification and a massive international database. The platform offers a user-friendly experience, enabling users to build family trees, access historical records, and connect with relatives around the world. The integration of DNA testing enhances the depth of genealogical research.

4. Legacy Family Tree:
Legacy Family Tree is known for its robust feature set, making it a favorite among serious genealogists. It offers comprehensive charting options, research guidance, and the ability to handle large databases efficiently. The software’s focus on accuracy and source documentation ensures a high standard for genealogical research.

5. Family Tree Maker:
Family Tree Maker has been a staple in the genealogy software market for years. Its latest versions continue to impress with enhanced charting options, integration with online databases, and improved collaboration tools. The software’s compatibility with various file formats simplifies data import, and its intuitive interface makes navigation a breeze.

In conclusion, the best genealogy software for 2024 caters to diverse needs, ranging from user-friendly interfaces for beginners to advanced features for seasoned researchers. Whether you prioritize a vast historical database, DNA integration, or privacy and customization, these options provide the tools and resources needed to uncover, document, and share your family’s unique story. Choose the software that aligns with your preferences and research goals to embark on a fascinating journey into your ancestry.
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What is the Difference Between RootsMagic Essentials & RootsMagic 8

As of my last knowledge, RootsMagic Essentials is a free genealogy software that offers basic features for tracking and organizing family history information. On the other hand, RootsMagic 8 is a more advanced and premium version of the software that comes with additional features and capabilities.

Here are some general distinctions between RootsMagic Essentials and RootsMagic 8:

RootsMagic Essentials & RootsMagic 8

RootsMagic Essentials: Free
RootsMagic 8: Requires purchase, and the cost may vary. Pricing models, discounts, and promotions can change over time.

RootsMagic Essentials: Provides essential features for basic genealogy research and organization.
RootsMagic 8: Includes advanced features, enhanced reporting tools, more options for data management, and potentially improved user interface and experience.

Reports and Charts:
RootsMagic Essentials: Limited report and chart options.
RootsMagic 8: Typically offers more advanced and diverse reporting and charting capabilities.

Media Management:
RootsMagic Essentials: Basic media management capabilities.
RootsMagic 8: May include more advanced media handling features.

Web Search Integration:
RootsMagic Essentials: May have limited or no integration with online databases for web searching.
RootsMagic 8: Might offer more advanced features for integrating and searching online databases.

Technical Support:
RootsMagic Essentials: Limited support may be available for free users.
RootsMagic 8: Users may have access to more comprehensive technical support.

Please note that software versions and features can change over time, and it’s always a good idea to check the latest update. For more information you can call RootsMagic Support at +1-888-652-9580.

Converting from Family Tree Maker to RootsMagic

RootsMagic has become a popular alternative for many users of Family Tree Maker (FTM) software. Previously, the only way to transfer FTM data to RootsMagic was through a GEDCOM file. However, with the release of version 7.1, RootsMagic now allows for direct import of any Family Tree Maker file. This is great news for FTM users as RootsMagic can import a wider variety of FTM files than any single version of Family Tree Maker itself.
Convert FTM file into RootsMagic

Everything You Should Know About RootsMagic 9

Are you excited to hear the news? After much anticipation, RootsMagic 9 has finally been released by RootsMagic on February 27th, 2023! This genealogy software has quickly become a favorite among users in the UK due to its comprehensive and user-friendly nature. With over 100 report and chart creation options, and seamless integration with research sites, RootsMagic 9 offers a unique and powerful experience for users. The cost of RootsMagic 9 is $39.95, but if you are an existing user of RootsMagic, you can upgrade to RM 9 for only $29.95. RootsMagic has earned high praise in multiple reviews and articles, thanks to its easy-to-use and powerful features. In this article, you will find all the information you need to know about RootsMagic 9, and why it is one of the top-rated genealogy software options available.
RootsMagic 9

RootsMagic Software Technical Support

RootsMagic is a genealogy software program that is designed to assist family historians in organizing, printing, tracking, sharing family history, etc. It has been specifically designed to create computer software with some special purpose to help unite families. The ‘Family Origins’ software was an earlier product that gained a lot of popularity among thousands of people.
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