What is the Difference Between RootsMagic Essentials & RootsMagic 8

As of my last knowledge, RootsMagic Essentials is a free genealogy software that offers basic features for tracking and organizing family history information. On the other hand, RootsMagic 8 is a more advanced and premium version of the software that comes with additional features and capabilities.

Here are some general distinctions between RootsMagic Essentials and RootsMagic 8:

RootsMagic Essentials & RootsMagic 8

RootsMagic Essentials: Free
RootsMagic 8: Requires purchase, and the cost may vary. Pricing models, discounts, and promotions can change over time.

RootsMagic Essentials: Provides essential features for basic genealogy research and organization.
RootsMagic 8: Includes advanced features, enhanced reporting tools, more options for data management, and potentially improved user interface and experience.

Reports and Charts:
RootsMagic Essentials: Limited report and chart options.
RootsMagic 8: Typically offers more advanced and diverse reporting and charting capabilities.

Media Management:
RootsMagic Essentials: Basic media management capabilities.
RootsMagic 8: May include more advanced media handling features.

Web Search Integration:
RootsMagic Essentials: May have limited or no integration with online databases for web searching.
RootsMagic 8: Might offer more advanced features for integrating and searching online databases.

Technical Support:
RootsMagic Essentials: Limited support may be available for free users.
RootsMagic 8: Users may have access to more comprehensive technical support.

Please note that software versions and features can change over time, and it’s always a good idea to check the latest update. For more information you can call RootsMagic Support at +1-888-652-9580.

Converting from Family Tree Maker to RootsMagic


RootsMagic has become a popular alternative for many users of Family Tree Maker (FTM) software. Previously, the only way to transfer FTM data to RootsMagic was through a GEDCOM file. However, with the release of version 7.1, RootsMagic now allows for direct import of any Family Tree Maker file. This is great news for FTM users as RootsMagic can import a wider variety of FTM files than any single version of Family Tree Maker itself.
Convert FTM file into RootsMagic